Nzube and Jumoke's Engagement | Minnesota

St. Anthony Main is easily one of my favorite areas - to both visit personally and to photograph. The quirky, colorful shops and cafes that line the river give a little extra flavor to the city, and the beautiful skyline view of downtown Minneapolis can’t be beat! It was the perfect location for this couple - urban, but with some soft touches that made it feel like it’s been their home far longer than the last few years. 

Nzube met Jumoke when he was doing his residency in Chicago and they made the move to the Twin Cities not too long ago. We’re lucky to have them here - they’re an exceptional couple! The afternoon was so much fun; Jumoke and I bonded over our excitement for the upcoming royal wedding, and Nzube gave me a few restaurant suggestions I’m already looking forward to checking out! The time just flew by, and we got some great images in the process!

We arrived at the Stone Arch Bridge right around sunset, and I fell in love with the way the lighting that day muted the colors in the background, complimenting the fresh white snowfall. These are a few of my favorites from that particular location!