About Amy

Amy K Portrait

I'm so glad you're here! I'm Amy - photographer, adventurer, and bookworm. Born and raised in small town Wisconsin, I'm now a transplant to the big city in neighboring Minnesota. I love the hustle and bustle of the Twin Cities because there are consistent opportunities to attend sporting events, see new shows, or experience the fantastic musicians coming to town...but I'll always be that country girl at heart. When I have the chance to get away, you'll find me heading to the lake with my husband and our dog, flying kites and roasting marshmallows with my Goddaughter, or taking road trips back to the dairy state to visit friends and family!

I am a huge fan of the simple things in life that can bring us great joy - for me, that includes chocolate, pups, the Hamilton soundtrack, campfires, Dunkin' Donuts vanilla chai teas (seriously - they're SO creamy and delicious), thunderstorms, and dreams about the day I'll get to take another trip to Ireland! My two greatest loves are my husband Kevin and our energetic canine sidekick Tess, both of whom seem to have finally adjusted to having their pictures taken...ALL. THE. TIME. I can't help it! They're both too photogenic to not wind up in front of my camera!

I'm a big believer in the beauty of storytelling and capturing moments in our lives to share with future generations; I absolutely love to page through old albums with images from my grandparents' weddings, to see family photos from my parents' childhoods, and to be reminded of the crazy curly hair and big bangs that I sported at the end of elementary school! The world looks a little different to each generation, but the things that will never change are the love of family and the experiences and stories we are able to share through photographs.

Tess Birthday