About Me


Hi there! Welcome to my site - I’m so glad you’ve arrived!

Holding a camera has always enhanced my desire to explore, create, and freeze moments in time; I often need to pinch myself to realize that yes, I get to do those things with some of the most incredible people around - you guys! Let’s chat and see how I can help capture the milestones in your life!

My introduction to photography involved many long walks in the forest with my dad and his 35mm Nikon film camera, as he patiently guided me through the process of learning how to compose an image, adjusting the settings to bring in the right amount of light, and finding the beauty in the ordinary. I can’t even tell you how many photos of mushrooms, leaves, and wildflowers we must have gone through, but we all have to start somewhere, right?! Maybe that’s why detail shots are some of my absolute favorites at weddings!


My two absolute favorites are my husband and our pup, both of whom seem to have finally adjusted to getting their pictures taken...ALL the time. Kevin is the man behind the scenes helping me pack up my gear the night before a shoot, reviewing my sneak peek posts on Facebook, providing encouraging feedback when I need a reality check, and supporting this crazy dream of mine to continue growing this business!

Tess is a silly bundle of energy who can never seem to remember exactly how large she is, or the fact that she is actually a dog and not a human. I always consider it a GREAT day when clients bring their dogs along to their session because nothing brings a smile to my face faster than making a new fluffy friend! I won’t make your pet wear a party hat for their birthday like I do with ours, but I’m also definitely not going to say no if that’s what you want!

I am incredibly lucky that I get to hang out with so many fascinating people and document their stories. I can’t wait to meet you!