Snowy Wedding

Emily and Joe's Winter Wonderland Wedding

Thinking back, I can’t remember when I first met Emily; we grew up a “country mile” apart, and because her older brother was one of my best friends, she and I became friends naturally. I was thrilled to learn she and Joe were engaged, and even more excited when they asked me to be part of their Friday morning winter wedding! I couldn’t wait to see how they would make the day their own.

Since the happy couple met each other while working at Camp Luther in Wisconsin, their faith and camp backgrounds played huge parts in the day. Joe is studying to become a pastor, and the service was particularly meaningful with readings, music, and a sermon that truly highlighted their love of Christ and each other. As a nod to their camp experiences, the bride and her ladies wore Chacos sandals, the pastor asked all couples who met as a result of Camp that were in attendance to raise their hands during his sermon (from my bird’s eye view in the back of the church, let me tell you - it was an impressive number!), and we even took a fun GIANT group photo of all their Camp connections that included multiple generations!

If you’ve ever met me, you understand how much I honestly love a good meal and this wedding did not disappoint! Since the service took place mid-morning, we were blessed with an incredible BRUNCH made up of all the best breakfast foods you could imagine. They even had a sticky roll “cake” to complete the experience for their guests!

We finished the day with portraits at a local Christmas tree farm; I’d love to say that the snowflakes fluttered gracefully around us to create the perfect picturesque snow globe, but in reality the wind was whipping them around like a snow globe that had just been picked up and shaken by an enthusiastic three year old! The entire bridal party was incredible to work with, even with the freezing conditions, and we captured some magical moments out in the snow!