Collins: Newborn Photography

Newborn photography is such a special way to document the first few weeks with your newly expanded family! Babies grow and change so quickly that you’ll be taking the training wheels of their bicycle before you know it - why not have some pictures to look back on and relive the precious moments after you first brought your child home?

Collins is a little sweetheart and completely stole my heart during her session! She was very expressive for being only two weeks old and was snuggly the whole time we were taking pictures. I find that two weeks old or younger provide the ideal window for newborn photography because they’re not as alert and wiggly as little ones become as the weeks go on! Every baby is different, of course, and just because your child is more than two weeks old does not mean you can’t still enjoy some beautiful photographs of their young days!

MN Newborn Photography
Amy K Photography newborn photography
Newborn Photography
Mom and daughter newborn photography
Father and daughter newborn photography
Big brother was still unsure about the new baby

Big brother was still unsure about the new baby

Silly baby
Sweet newborn
MN Newb